Relational Wealth Process®


Through active listening, insightful assessments and candid conversations, we arrive at a baseline evaluation of your family’s current strengths and challenges and begin the process of establishing understanding and trust.


Through a process of gaining greater understanding, we use our clients’ assessment results to help them better understand themselves and their family members while building communication skills.


The monthly planning process, through meaningful interactions, creates a high trust culture. This culture feeds into the family’s growth over time, building unity and trust, which is foundational.

In one client’s words: “It was a risk to ask for help and to hope that we would receive it. But after our time with you, Eric and Jennifer, I am so thankful for your gifts. The tools you provided are rich, and I look forward to you continuing to teach us how to use them.”

Goal-Driven Engagements

The Relational Wealth Process® is customized to achieve the goals of the individuals, couples, and families we serve. Our tools allow us to measure our clients’ growth, both as individuals and as a family, and we are able to track their monthly progress.

As we chart their progress, clients experience a safe and supportive, growth-oriented environment for co-creating their next steps. Measuring success is a unique part of what we do, and is vital to producing a high trust culture for those we serve.

Measuring success is a unique part of what we do.

Everything done in time can be measured. –Jim Dudleston

Best in Class Assessments

Our hand-selected assessments and relational measurement tools provide personalized feedback, insight and direction. These tools integrate into our unique process, giving individuals a new lens to experience their family relationships–this is the foundation for growth.

Components of the Process

Assessments & Tools

Our core assessments are validated by decades of research, many of them having been in our toolbox for 10-20 years. In addition, we continually create and develop tools, allowing our process to stay fresh and relevant.


Our process with potential clients begins with an introductory phone call. This is followed by a simple questionnaire that is completed before the interview process begins.

Weekly Check-ins

It is a priority to stay connected between our monthly meetings. We do this by phone, text, email and other technology-based communication.

Measuring Relational Health

Through the consistent use of our measurement tools, our clients understand how their relational health is progressing.

In one client’s words: “The care you gave through your time with us was incredible! We felt genuinely cared for and I can’t remember the last time that happened. The insights you shared after being with us 2 days were spot on.”

What You Can Expect


At times confidential information needs to be shared, and we respect and protect our clients’ confidentiality.

Laser Focus

Our process is highly-focused to build family cohesion and unity through increasing the relational equity of each individual and couple within the family.

Best in Class Tools

Within our process we select the very best research-validated tools, based on the specific needs of the families we serve.

Safety & Transparency

Building a high trust culture within the families we serve is critical.  Through this people start testing the waters of transparency.

Multi-Generational Family Engagement

Our clients intentionally engage as many as three or four generations in our process. This is a transformational experience and leads to generations of impact.

Goal-Driven Outcomes

Defining a goal is a beginning. However, our tools go beyond goal-setting to measuring progress towards a series of goals. This is a unique capability of the Relational Wealth Process®.

In one client’s words: “The hope you brought to me–that our marriage and work and mission can be healed and improved–is so freeing. We have work to do, but there is hope to be healthy with God’s help and your insights and tools.”

Let’s Have a Conversation

If you are a member of a family or work with families of wealth, please reach out to us to initiate a conversation about how we can partner with you.

Our commitment is to get in touch with you as soon as we can. We look forward to connecting with you.

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We champion each generation to be a first generation…”

— Eric & Jennifer Garcia